Your task is to interpret and act upon the results of a test of positive (implying disease) vs negative (healthy) status.

Two bars represent a positive test, one bar a negative result. But the result isn't 100% sensitive, so your patient might have the disease even given a negative result. Nor is it completely specific so your patient may be healthy despite getting a positive result.

You can diagnose a patient to be healthy by swiping right. Swipe left to indicate you believe the patient has the disease.

Either choice you make can be right or wrong. In science mistakes only become apparent after further tests - here you'll get the full impact of mistakes immediately!


Sorry, You Lost

You have lost all your reputation - do you blame the test or your judgement.

Tests with greater predictive power would be helpful, tuned to reflect what we know about the patient and the costs of making a wrong decision. Probability of disease would be a better summary of evidence than yes/no decisions


Well Done, You Won

Hopefully you have a bit more understanding of the different types of error that can be made when making decisions.

Tests, and prior information, are all sources of evidence that can influence a decision, but mistakes can still happen, and the costs of these mistakes is very context-dependent.

We'll take you back to the beginning, to see if things work out differently.



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